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The Old King’s Head

The inn is a rare example of the Fenland Artisan Mannerist style, a building technique which reveals a unique history of the ebb and flow of Britain’s people. The Old King’s Head tells us about the forgotten importance of the road from London to Boston, once a hub for those who traded, travelled and warred by sea.

Kirton, now a small village was once a hectic town, the third largest settlement in the county. The history of the Old King’s Head and its custodians reflect the cultural heritage of the local area, prosperous landlords, vigorous rivalries, between the church, barmen and even their own clientele!

This project has been ongoing for Heritage Lincolnshire since 2014. Splitlath Building Conservation Ltd have now been on site since late February 2019, and over the past two years we have seen some incredible changes in the building.

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A long time coming…

This project has been ongoing for Heritage Lincolnshire since 2014. Splitlath Building Conservation Ltd were on site from late February 2019, and over the past two years there have been some incredible changes in the building.

You can find more about the project below or you can purchase our guidebook which details the history of the property including all its colourful owners of the past, stories of scandal and all its going-ons, followed by information about the project on how Heritage Lincolnshire came to save, restore and transform the property.

Our Guidebook


Fundraising & building the interest around the project begins. Including consultation events in late 2016, Crowd Funding in late 2017, Murder mystery night in September 2017, community raffles, merchandise for sale, sponsor a brick, attending events such as the Kirton Food Festival and so much more to ensure that people knew about our plans.

Purchasing the Property

Heritage Lincolnshire were able to buy the building with a loan from the Architectural Heritage Fund in March 2016 with Liz Bates, CEO of Heritage Lincolnshire at the time, being the first person to step inside the new adventure.

Work Progresses

Our Building Contractors arrived on site in late February 2019 to start the work on the roof and stabilising the walls. The LEADER Fund and European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, enabled us to repair the roof, safeguarding the historic timbers for the future.

Hard Hat Tours commenced to engage people within the local community as well talks, community digs and school visits. In September 2019 one of the Hard Hat Tours welcomed two of the previous families that lived in the property to look around the building progress.

February 2020 saw the windows being installed, internal walls being plastered and the original doors for each B&B room lovingly restored. March 2020 and the global pandemic hit us. Works continued at a gradual pace throughout until September 2021.

The end is in sight

As the project neared completion, the transformation was even more remarkable than predicted. See below for some amazing before and after photos of The Old King's Head.

Time to Open!

After two years with our building contractors on site, The Old King’s Head opened to the public on Friday 1st October 2021 as a café, 9-bedroom B&B and community room available for hire.

For the official opening day, The Duff family, who were former residents of The King’s Head, were welcomed back. They were the first to be served in the café and Mary, had the grand job of cutting the red ribbon to declare us officially open!